Know how to login to your webhosting account

Do you have the details for how to login for your webhosting account? This issue comes up frequently in the Fixing WordPress forums when troubleshooting is needed and the normal WordPress administrative dashboard (wp-admin area) is not accessible.

Examples of a few situations where webhosting access is needed:

  • need to deactivate plugins without using WordPress administrative dashboard
  • mistakenly changed url in general settings area of WordPress administrative dashboard
  • normal WordPress administrative dashboard login is not recognizing an administrators email or username

Here’s a list of a few webhosting vendors and what you will need to know to get access:

  • – username or email + password
  • email + password (
  • Flywheel username or email + password (
  • – domain name or user id + password
  • – username or customer # + password

If you are unable to remember the password for your web hosting account, reset or recover your password using the instructions provided in the login area.

Prepare in advance to reduce your stress and shorten the time to repair the situation for your self-hosted site powered by WordPress.