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  • Know how to login to your webhosting account
    Do you have the details for how to login for your webhosting account? This issue comes up frequently in the Fixing WordPress forums when troubleshooting is needed and the normal […]
  • Resources I shared in Fixing WordPress forum replies during Jan 2023
  • Extend the Query Loop Block using a low-code workaround
    I have been trying to figure out how to use the very handy Query Loop Block to display only a few specific pages. The Query Loop Block works to show […]
  • Invisible Interference
    I was participating in a video summit recently. There were pre-recorded videos for each speaker session. Upon entering the 1st session, I had trouble controlling the operation of the video […]
  • No-Frills WordPress version update steps
    Backup your database and files.*  Backup plugin suggestions: BlogVault.net, VaultPress.com, BackupBuddy from ithemes.com.  Install and activate Classic Editor plugin (optional, useful if you are not ready to work with the […]
  • See you at WordCamp Philly 2018
    Buy a Ticket Silver Hoop Edge is participating as a:
  • Project Outline Test Drive
    I had created a project outline in Trello using Markdown formatting language. The project outline was inspired by questions from several clients to advance their upcoming projects. I am experimenting […]
  • Trying out the Gutenberg Plugin
    (This post was set up using Gutenberg blocks) As I was preparing this week for my workshop at Winter Writers Weekend  — I decided it was time to make the […]
  • Get to know the new WordPress editor
    post last updated: 12/12/2017 Gutenberg on GitHub Test Gutenberg Timeline for implementation into WordPress core software Spring/Summer 2018 WordCamp TV videos Event: WordCamp US State of the Word (approx 35 […]
  • Display a background image on one page only on your WordPress website
    Desired Result: Display a background image on one page only on your WordPress website Get your act together: Backup your files and database Select an image or graphic that is […]
  • Learn, Build, and Share
    This post was inspired/prepared as a reply to the Matt Report newsletter released today. You can subscribe to the Matt Report mailing list and listen to the podcast episodes. I […]
  • CollaborationCore is hosting 2 complimentary help desk sessions for questions about WordPress
    Dates: 11am-1pm on July 20th-done 11am-1pm on August 17th-done Current members of CollaborationCore are invited to visit the help desk. Prospective members of CollaborationCore are invited visit the help desk […]
  • Keep the path clear
    I replied to a WordPress.org troubleshooting support forum post yesterday with concerns similar to those listed in an article recently published on MattReport.com. The support question I answered seemed to […]
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  • How to: Customize a Conductor Widget for use in a testimonial display page
    I wanted to challenge myself to use the fewest possible number of CSS changes to transform the display of a Conductor Widget for use as a client testimonial area. Conductor […]
  • Philly WordPress Meetup Resources
    Updated June 18 The detail below is intended for use by the attendees of the Philly WordPress Meetup on May 21 Start using NOTE https://wordpress.org/plugins/note/ Access NOTE with extra features https://conductorplugin.com/downloads/note/ Videos […]
  • Philly Women in Tech Summit 2015 recap
    I was invited to write a guest post for Conductor Plugin. Read the article about my experience.
  • Demo: Display Breadcrumbs on Conductor enabled pages
    Last week I was working on a project and noticed that the page titles* were missing on several pages.  From that realization I got the idea that a breadcrumb trail […]
  • Relating the Passover story to web design
    I am visiting family this year to share in the Passover Seder instead of preparing a festive dinner in my home. One part of the Passover story shared during the Seder […]
  • Uncover Hidden Opportunity
    I originally shared a version of these remarks with my Toastmasters club as the inspirational thought at the start of the meeting. (the inspirational thought is a short speech at […]
  • Landing page for networking group activity
    This week at my local networking group meeting, it was my turn to give one of the featured member presentations. The featured member gets 10 minutes at a pre-assigned meeting […]
  • Speaking up and Spinach
    If tomorrow I sent you a message that I noticed an error on your website or a possible bug in your software application, would you: Fix it at your first […]
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  • Create a Motivational Note for Health Challenge participants at the gym
    When I saw the new feature to add an image using NOTE widget, I started to imagine how this could be useful on the websites I work on. Around the […]
  • Winter Writer’s Weekend plus bonus
    I participated in the 3rd annual Winter Writer’s Weekend, a local program coordinated by Open Door Publications. This is the third time I have been invited to participate in the […]
  • Craving Control
    It started as part of a casual conversation with a non-profit organization’s content manager about a website I had set up on WordPress.com several years ago. I was thrilled to […]
  • Spin Zone
    This weekend I rode out of my comfort zone. I had signed up for a sample indoor cycling class with a group of friends. At first I was reluctant to […]
  • Content Changeover
    Earlier this week I had a conversation about making changes to a small business website. The current website was primarily functional but was showing signs of neglect. Several pages of […]
  • Alternative FAQ Display with Conductor
    I worked on several project recently where the owner requested a page with accordion style Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs). There are plugins that make set up and maintenance of the accordion […]
  • Milestones
    Twenty-five hundred visits to my gym in roughly 9 years. I was pretty impressed with myself early on that icy February morning. I knew this milestone was happening so I […]
  • Evaluation Overlap
    It is rewarding to find overlapping methods in seemingly unrelated professional interests. I read the Matt Report blog post How to reverse engineer your competition in 10 minutes and listened to the 50 minute companion audio interview of […]
  • Project Primer
    Recently I had an energizing meeting with a business owner about her existing website. In advance of our meeting time I had provided a list of the topics I wanted […]
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  • Create a simple, effective event schedule page
    Recently I worked on two websites that each were being used for local professional conferences. As we were planning out the content and the display of the conference details we […]
  • Solution for a Snowy Situation
    Earlier this week, several of my clients needed to make urgent updates on their WordPress powered websites to display a message about event scheduling changes due to the suspected substantial snow situation. […]
  • Winter Writers’ Weekend 2015
    I have been invited back for a third year as part of the speakers group for Winter Writers’ Weekend. Each year the Winter Writers’ Weekend program has evolved. The educational […]
  • Getting your fill
    Last week I accepted the “ah counter” role at our Toastmasters club meeting. While there is no intense preparation work needed to serve in the “ah counter” role, it is […]
  • I might have a problem that you’ll understand
    Recently I had 2 occasions to request support about issues related to plugins. Both of my requests were responded to promptly. The first request was to ask about simple installation […]
  • Step Aside
    It is common for WordPress themes to include some or all of these basic page layout options: full width display wide main content area on the left side and a […]
  • The Sum of Many Small Experiences
    I was solo-brainstorming to select a topic suitable for my first post in the Matt Report Pro members content creation challenge. I decided I would write about an experience that has made a […]
  • My note-able Confession
    I have a small confession. I was not a fan of the customize area of my WordPress dashboard. I actively avoided using it. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason for […]
  • Selling on WordPress website with Authorize.net
    E-junkie.com A simple shopping cart approach to selling physical or digital products. Create a “Buy Now” button for each “product”. Add the code that e-junkie provides to a WordPress post […]
  • Is your quest for sharing creating unintentional roadblocks for your visitors instead?
    I saw a link on Twitter recently with an article I was intrigued to read. I clicked through while using my small display device (while multi-tasking at the gym) and […]
  • Get Comfortable with WordPress
    I had a conversation today with someone that needed to get more comfortable using WordPress. Here’s a copy of the list I provided containing various courses,videos and tutorials (some are […]
  • Women Leaders in WordPress
    I was inspired by the variety of news sources highlighted in last weekend’s WordSesh2 Podcasters Roundtable discussion and thought there might be some interest in a podcast interview/topic featuring Women […]
  • Local WordPress Resources in Philadelphia area
    Last weekend I had the good fortune to serve as a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It Philadelphia’s WordPress Building Themes for WordPress class. I get asked periodically about local […]
  • Informal, small group meeting spaces around Mercer County, NJ
    updated March 2015 (W)=WIFI available Gingered Peach Bakery in Lawrenceville (W) Visit Website Wildflour Café in Lawrenceville (W) Visit Website Jersey Girl Café in Hamilton-2 locations (W) Visit Website Purple […]
  • Women in Tech Conference at Philadelphia University
    Over the last few months I have served on the committee to plan the 2nd annual Philly Women in Tech Summit. I had missed out on attending the inaugural Summit […]
  • Event: WordCamp Philly 2012
    3rd Annual WordCamp Philly takes place on Oct 20 & 21 at Temple University. Look for me at the registration table. I hope the sessions will be recorded since so […]
  • Event: Build a Blog or Site with WordPress
    Lisa Snyder of Silver Hoop Edge is happy to be helping at Girl Develop It Philly’s WordPress startup course scheduled for September 29th & 30th. Get the full registration details […]