Project Outline Test Drive

I had created a project outline in Trello using Markdown formatting language. The project outline was inspired by questions from several clients to advance their upcoming projects.

I am experimenting with using the new Gutenberg editor tool on this website and thought it would a good opportunity to test drive the Gutenberg block support for Markdown by selecting a paragraph block and pasting outline directly into it in a new post.

Results: On my first try, I pasted the entire text from the Trello card all at one time. 9 heading blocks were created. The text I expected to be formatted as a list became paragraph blocks instead. The unexpected list format was due to my list syntax (formatting) error. After adjusting my list formatting, I pasted the entire text from the Trello card all at one time again. 9 heading blocks were created and several list blocks were properly created.

Below you can see the final text for the basic project outline.

Website URL:

Who is requesting this project?

What is the importance and purpose of this project?

Content Related:

  • Text (including internal and external links)
  • Visuals + Multimedia (i.e. custom images, stock images, videos, graphics, audio, custom fonts, logo)
  • Interactive Elements(i.e. payment forms, contact forms)

Known functionality Issues:

  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Integration with external applications (i.e. email provider, payment processor-gateway, social media)


  • Desired starting week
  • Requested completion week
  • Payment schedule suggested (i.e. single payment, extended payment plan)

Other professionals who will be involved:

  • Graphic designer (name, phone #, email address)
  • Content creator (name, phone #, email address)

General Housekeeping:

  • Are redirects needed for deleted content?
  • Are Automatic backups happening?
  • Any themes, plugins or WordPress version outdated?
  • Is webhosting access available?
  • Is SSL certificate active?
  • Is WordPress dashboard access available?

Special Concerns: