Keep the path clear

beach path

I replied to a troubleshooting support forum post yesterday with concerns similar to those listed in an article recently published on The support question I answered seemed to stem from a lack of clear communication from the agency that created the website.

Instead of leaving my comments directly on, I decided to share my thoughts on the topic here.

Most important things take time to figure out. Starting business concurrently with starting a website can feel overwhelming. However, I am not convinced that the choice of using WordPress vs. Squarespace etc. is the main issue. All website creator tools have some learning curve and short and long term trade-offs to consider. Regularly producing relevant and useful content is often a bigger hurdle for new and experienced website owners.

The 4 issues (control, audience, story, measurement) mentioned in the article are not related exclusively to the question of how to build and manage a business website. They are primary marketing and operations issues that can be partially addressed using a thoughtfully created website .

As a WordPress professional it is my role to create an environment for my customer’s success and keep the path as clear as possible so their online presence can evolve as the company grows and changes.

(I agree with the point in the MattReport article that the Rest API conversation is not relate-able for most WordPress users and site owners.)