Selling on WordPress website with
A simple shopping cart approach to selling physical or digital products.
Create a “Buy Now” button for each “product”. Add the code that e-junkie provides to a WordPress post or page.
All of the functionality happens in an E-junkie interface.
7 day free trial. Minimal expertise to set up. Continue reading “Selling on WordPress website with”

Local WordPress Resources in Philadelphia area

Last weekend I had the good fortune to serve as a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It Philadelphia’s WordPress Building Themes for WordPress class.

I get asked periodically about local resources to learn different aspects of WordPress so I thought I would share my reference list:

Girl Develop It Philly (classes)

WordCamp Philly (weekend conference) Watch for news for Spring 2014 event

WordPress Philly Meetup Group (periodic workshops)

Download workbook to organize your website project

Use this workbook to prepare for a website redesign project or plan for a completely new website.

Click here to access the Plan for Success Workbook (pdf). The workbook is available to help you get a big picture view and capture the details relating to your website and other online tools.

Complete the details with your website designer and marketing team to get the administrative details of your project organized.

After filling out the workbook areas you might uncover gaps in details that need to be filled before moving ahead with your project.

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