Women Leaders in WordPress

I was inspired by the variety of news sources highlighted in last weekend’s WordSesh2 Podcasters Roundtable discussion and thought there might be some interest in a podcast interview/topic featuring Women Leaders in WordPress community.

I am not suggesting the topic to create any division among gender lines….but the topic/focus may have an interest for a niche audience. I am not sure if the topic has already been done recently elsewhere.

I do know of the Ladies in Tech podcast that recently launched, but it does not focus on WordPress.

As the podcasting leaders in WordPress community, please consider this as an idea for a future episode of your show.

Thanks to the organizers and presenters of the WordSesh 2 event.

Local WordPress Resources in Philadelphia area

Last weekend I had the good fortune to serve as a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It Philadelphia’s WordPress Building Themes for WordPress class.

I get asked periodically about local resources to learn different aspects of WordPress so I thought I would share my reference list:

Girl Develop It Philly (classes)

WordCamp Philly (weekend conference) Watch for news for Spring 2014 event

WordPress Philly Meetup Group (periodic workshops)

Informal, small group meeting spaces around Mercer County, NJ

updated March 2015

(W)=WIFI available
A bit outside of Mercer County, NJ

If you know of other meeting spaces around Mercer County NJ, send me a note about it or connect with me on twitter.

Women in Tech Conference at Philadelphia University

Over the last few months I have served on the committee to plan the 2nd annual Philly Women in Tech Summit. I had missed out on attending the inaugural Summit in 2012 and was thrilled to connect with the organizers to get involved in the event for 2013. There is a full day planned of general sessions, workshops, and panel discussions from industry leaders. I will be carving out time for several of the workshops.

We have assembled a full agenda and generous sponsors for Philly Women in Tech Summit. Event tickets are still available for purchase. To make the program even more connective, proceeds of the Summit support TechGirlz.

Saturday April 20, 2013 9 to 5pm
Location: Philadelphia University 4201 Henry Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144

Philly Women in Tech Summit is an annual event for women in technology in the Philadelphia region. The event in 2013 will feature top notch keynote speakers and workshops addressing UX, Cloud, Mobility, App Development, Security Social and Big Data. The theme is “if only you knew!”; our goal will be to make sure attendees know what information, technology and partnership is available to them and how far they can go with that knowledge.

The Philly Women in Tech Summit is happening at the start of Philly Tech Week. Check out the Philly Tech Week schedule to see what programs appeal to you. I would be remiss not to mention that two WordPress-related sessions are scheduled during Philly Tech Week.

WordPress Related Events during Philly Tech Week
CMS Content Managment Showdown
WordPress Workshop