Landing page for networking group activity

This week at my local networking group meeting, it was my turn to give one of the featured member presentations. The featured member gets 10 minutes at a pre-assigned meeting to describe their business. I have made a presentation to this group a couple of times before so a good portion of the people already knew of me.

The meeting starts at 8 AM (before everyone has a chance to finish a full cup of coffee) and I did not want to give a boring presentation. Instead of a simple show-and-tell presentation, I created a quiz about recognizing logos corresponding to technology tools. I use a variety of the tools on everyday basis and I thought I could share my knowledge in a way that would be interactive and hopefully fun. Continue reading “Landing page for networking group activity”

Speaking up and Spinach

If tomorrow I sent you a message that I noticed an error on your website or a possible bug in your software application, would you:

  • Fix it at your first available opportunity?
  • Brush me off for pointing out the error?
  • Think I am overly critical and probably get special satisfaction in finding errors?

Sometimes I get a weird vibe after taking the time to mention an error that I noticed. I wonder why I don’t hear back with a simple “thanks for reaching out”.

I had been helping my son review his 6th grade vocabulary list for an upcoming test. Continue reading “Speaking up and Spinach”

Create a Motivational Note for Health Challenge participants at the gym

When I saw the new feature to add an image using NOTE widget, I started to imagine how this could be useful on the websites I work on. Around the same time I started participating in a health challenge at my gym. I knew the staff used WordPress to manage the gym’s website content. I thought it would be a relevant use of Note for a flexible message area for eye catching motivational reminders for health challenge participants.

Here is the summary of the solution I implemented:

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Winter Writer’s Weekend plus bonus

I participated in the 3rd annual Winter Writer’s Weekend, a local program coordinated by Open Door Publications. This is the third time I have been invited to participate in the weekend as a presenter. This year I was assigned two workshop time slots. The audience was a mix of established authors and authors who are still developing their books. From the intimate reception at The Artists Gallery to the full day of Saturday workshops, and half day of Sunday presentations there was a great blend of presenters and attendees to learn from.
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Craving Control

It started as part of a casual conversation with a non-profit organization’s content manager
about a website I had set up on several years ago. I was thrilled to see that the
organization has been adding event information and other content regularly.

While reviewing the website dashboard I noticed a unusual number of categories. After closer
inspection, many of the categories were the same or very similar to post titles. Additionally, the
categories were set up in the primary navigation area as submenu items.

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