Invisible Interference

I was participating in a video summit recently. There were pre-recorded videos for each speaker session. Upon entering the 1st session, I had trouble controlling the operation of the video with the available playback controls. Eventually, after trying several devices and browsers, I successfully enjoyed the video recording. I knew the video was working since it was easily playable on my iPhone. Initially, I thought I was the only one having difficulty. However, after joining the community group on social media, I saw many posts expressing challenges with the video’s operation.

What impressed me most was the responsiveness of the summit’s coordinator. By the time I was ready to watch the next session, there was a helpful text tip workaround displayed on each video’s WordPress page for how to manage the control of the video.

I suspect that the source of the issue causing difficulty with the video player controls was some of the page builder plugin’s elements inadvertently and invisibly interfering.