Learn, Build, and Share

candy bowl at WordCamp 2015

This post was inspired/prepared as a reply to the Matt Report newsletter released today. You can subscribe to the Matt Report mailing list and listen to the podcast episodes.

I am starting to focus my to-do list to include the following 3 types of activities each week:

One activity in my learning category is working through the lessons in knowthecode.io.

My building category includes various actions that I take on to create client relationships and build my business.

Sharing (strategically)-
One activity in my sharing category is attending, volunteering and becoming a Jawn sponsor of WordCamp US in December, 2016.

I anticipate that the combination of activity categories will allow my business to stay flexible as the WordPress ecosystem evolves.

Let me know if you would like the list of hotel feedback I compiled from WordCamp US 2015 attendees. If you will be making the trip to Philadelphia, I hope we get a chance to connect in person.

Conveniently- L, B + S are my initials too.

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