Relating the Passover story to web design

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I am visiting family this year to share in the Passover Seder instead of preparing a festive dinner in my home. One part of the Passover story shared during the Seder describes the 10 plagues that occurred in Egypt. To remember the plagues, all attendees at the Seder spill out one drop of wine as each plague is mentioned. (I don’t actually spill out any wine, I just dip a finger in the cup and blot it on my napkin.)

I have prepared a list of the 10 plagues in the Passover story and how they relate to common issues of website design and user experience.


Not setting up a child theme for customizations on your WordPress powered website


Email sign-up pop ups that immediately block access to read an article


Spam comments on blog posts and junk mail contact form submissions


Writing content for search engines instead of real people


Not using alt text for images


Not backing up your files and database on your WordPress powered website


Editing your functions.php file in your parent theme on your WordPress powered website


Expecting the creator of a free plugin or theme to provide customizations and detailed support for your WordPress powered website


Not having direct ownership control of your domain name

10.Death of the first born

Believing that nobody visits your website from a mobile device

A Fun Video About Passover:

image credit: Jeremy Snyder