Create a Motivational Note for Health Challenge participants at the gym

When I saw the new feature to add an image using NOTE widget, I started to imagine how this could be useful on the websites I work on. Around the same time I started participating in a health challenge at my gym. I knew the staff used WordPress to manage the gym’s website content. I thought it would be a relevant use of Note for a flexible message area for eye catching motivational reminders for health challenge participants.

Here is the summary of the solution I implemented:

Assemble the following ingredients for this WordPress project:

  • Your website is a self-hosted WordPress powered website(not on
  • The free NOTE plugin is installed AND activated in your WordPress dashboard.
  • An image has been added to your media library

In my active theme’s widget area in the header I added a NOTE widget.

This video contains a demonstration of the steps taken to create the combined text and image widget area.

If you prefer text, here is basic outline of the process

  • In your WordPress dashboard, find the CUSTOMIZE area (available in the APPEARANCE area)
  • Click on the word CUSTOMIZE to open the CUSTOMIZE area
  • Find the WIDGETS area (at the bottom of the list)
  • Click on the word WIDGETS to OPEN the WIDGETS area
  • Find the SIDEBAR area label that corresponds to the display area of your website where you want to put the NOTE text and image
  • CLICK on the selected SIDEBAR area to OPEN that are
  • CLICK on ADD a WIDGET button
  • A List of available WIDGETS will appear on the right in A-B-C order
  • Find the NOTE widget in the list of available WIDGETS
  • PUT YOUR MOUSE OVER and CLICK on the NOTE widget to insert it in the SIDEBAR
  • OPEN the NOTE widget
  • TYPE text as the title. You can choose to display the title text to your website visitors, or not. Use the “eye” to control the display of the title on/off.
  • CLICK on the EDIT CONTENT button and you should see a yellow flash to show where the NOTE widget is active
  • TYPE the desired content text in the area where the NOTE widget is active
  • CLICK Save & Publish button located at top of the CUSTOMIZE area
  • Put your cursor in the area where you put the content text and a small grey box will pop up.
  • CLICK on the image icon in the pop-up area to access your WordPress MEDIA LIBRARY
  • Select the desired image from your MEDIA LIBRARY
  • (OPTIONAL) Make changes to the image alignment and add a custom link for the image in while you are in the open window of the MEDIA LIBRARY. CLICK on INSERT into WIDGET button.
  • CLICK Save & Publish button located at top of the CUSTOMIZE area
  • View your website as your visitors will see it. Check the image, text and link for proper positioning and operation.