Project Primer

image of questions for project

Recently I had an energizing meeting with a business owner about her existing website. In advance of our meeting time I had provided a list of the topics I wanted to address during our meeting in addition to any of the owner’s concerns and questions. My questions were not focused around the nitty-gritty details of the website content. Content review questions would be addressed further along in the project development process. The topics we discussed focused more on priorities.

I had taken some time to review the current website before our meeting. However, the organization of the website did not me with a provide a clear path to understand the key items that my client’s customer would need. During the course of the meeting, while we did not review each question individually, the¬†answers were in richer detail than I had expected –which helped me understand the priorities of the project tasks.

Below I have shared the short list of questions I had created and provided. Whether you are planning to handle your website refresh project as a DIY project (internal) or bring in an experienced external project partner, start with the questions I have provided to get the process moving on the right path.

  • Why is refreshing the website important to your business now?
  • What would be a successful outcome of refreshing your business website?
  • Will anyone on your staff have the time available to participate in the website refresh project?
  • Do you have $ set aside in a marketing budget for this project?
  • Who currently uses the resources that are available on your business website?
  • What important content is not yet available on your website?
  • Is there any special deadline that is tied to the website refresh project?
  • Who is currently charged with making major and minor changes to your website?

You can create a colorful project mindmap like the one shown with this article by using