Create a simple, effective event schedule page

Recently I worked on two websites that each were being used for local professional conferences. As we were planning out the content and the display of the conference details we started to use Conductor plugin. We had speakers, sponsors, and different types of sessions and needed an effective way to keep all of the details organized.

I could have put together a page in the early stages of the conference planning and put in the rough estimate of what the schedule was going to look like. However, creating a page while the details were still being worked out, would have entailed every time a speaker or session was modified in a small way I would have to go in and change something on the schedule page. Instead of doing that I waited a little bit for all of the pieces to fall into place, the sessions to be set, the speakers to finalize and ultimately all of the timing organized. Once the timing had been organized we were able to take advantage of the fact that I had:

  1. prepared everything for the conference as a POST
  2. put everything together so Conductor plugin could be used to display the final version of the schedule page efficiently.

In the demo video that is included this blog post you can follow how to make the Conductor widget work with the custom post type that I had created. Alternately, you can use a regular post type to make this happen just the same. The important detail is that the categories that I chose to use correspond to the starting time of each of the time slots for the conference.

Activities to do before recreating this demo on a website:


  • Conductor plugin is installed and activated
  • A PAGE is created and published for display of compiled event schedule.
  • Event schedule page is selected to be controlled by CONDUCTOR
  • All individual sessions are created and published as POSTS assigned to the CATEGORY corresponding to each session’s start time (a custom post type can also be used with a bit of extra code installed).


  • Note widget plugin is installed and activated
  • New CSS classes added to your child theme’s style.css file

View the demo video:

Additional Resources:

The 3 images below show a recap of the “recipe” used to prepare Conductor Widget for each event program start time
a different Term was used since I was using custom post type
a different CSS class was used for each color

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