Winter Writers’ Weekend 2015

I have been invited back for a third year as part of the speakers group for Winter Writers’ Weekend. Each year the Winter Writers’ Weekend program has evolved. The educational sessions on Saturday has 2 tracks. I am speaking as part of both tracks: Track A: For Published Authors and Track B: For Beginning Authors. This year the event has it’s own website (which I had the good fortune to work on).

Since my session topic relates to setting up a website for selling your book, you might think that I would prepare a fancy technical session with a live demonstration. However, in the last 2 years my sessions have included no technical tools. I plan to do the same for this year too. Since it is rarely the technical details that are the stumbling blocks to create a website, I will not include live demonstrations in the session either.

My wish is for session attendees to focus on the conversation we are having and to participate instead of spectate. I will use a simple flip chart + markers. The room setting is intimate enough that there are no bad seats that would require a projector for my notes.

This year I will be focusing my session content on creating an uncluttered, focused space on your website for selling your book.  The focused space on a website is often referred to as a landing page. The main characteristic of a landing page is that it allows for a single activity path for the viewer. The single activity path often set up to entice the viewer to:

  • fill out a form to get some free information
  • make a purchase of a product or service

If you are interested in purchasing an attendee ticket, the details are available on the Winter Writers Weekend website. The overall program takes place from Friday night February 27th through Sunday, March 1st at noon.